Don’t Fall Victim to the Great Regret
The last couple of years has had many candidates considering a career move, as people are re-evaluating what’s important when it comes to their role...
2022 Kick Off Team
Our Vision for Consulting and Recruiting in 2022
It’s no secret the last two years have brought about a lot of change. Everything from where employees work to the rise of a candidate-driven...
Image of two men standing in an office shaking hands. In the background there are two employees at their desk smiling.
Which Is Better for Contingent Search: Sourcing or Recruiting?
Filling certain positions in a company can be a time-consuming, challenging, and financially straining process. The search can be tricky since finding the right fit...
Hiring New Employee
The New World of Hiring New Employees and Retaining Current Employees
The world of employment has undergone a massive change in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdown measures that were put into effect to...
Smiling Business Leaders
How ImpactSearch Can Spot Key Leaders
Leadership talent can be challenging to find, especially in this economic climate and with the struggles of the professional market. Identifying leadership qualities in potential...
Understanding the counteroffer and how to avoid it
Understanding the counteroffer and how to avoid it
As today’s job seekers and employers are undoubtedly aware, the job market is very hot right now. The U.S. economy recently added 943,000 jobs, the...
Highlighting the Crucial Work of the Will to Live Foundation
Highlighting the Crucial Work of the Will to Live Foundation
We want to take a moment to spread awareness about a subject that is very important to us – mental health awareness – and an...
Bridging the unemployment gap.
Bridging the Gap Between Job Seekers and Employers Seeking Employees
Chances are you know someone who is looking for a job right now. None of us lived under a big enough rock the past year...
ImpactSearch - Sales Enablement - Training
2021: the Year of Sales Enablement for Executive & Leadership Teams
Your sales team is perhaps the most powerful tool available to grow your business, but imagine what they could accomplish if they were fully enabled. 2021...
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