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Recruiting FAQs – ImpactSearch Partners

Recruiting FAQs for Clients

Answers to your questions about working with ImpactSearch Partners

+Why should I work with ImpactSearch Partners over another recruiting firm?
When it comes to success for growing companies, your business needs true experts: people who understand your unique position and come to the table with a proven track record of success.

ImpactSearch Partners has over 20 years of experience working directly in recruitment for companies in an array of sectors. This experience allows us to create forward-thinking, custom solutions that are tailored to your unique growth plans.

We simplify the recruitment process for you. Our services are designed to be collaborative and specific but are built for maximum efficiency in addition to accuracy. We make it simple for you to access exceptional talent that will make a real impact on the success of your organization. Contact us to get started.

+What does a typical client look like for ImpactSearch Partners?
Just like we have custom recruiting processes for each client, each client is unique with their own needs and growth plans. We have a large majority of technology companies ranging from stealth mode to post-M&A exit (IPO, Merger, Acquisition). We also have clients in the legal sector, digital marketing/advertising space, consulting/managed services, healthcare, and companies in need of specialized recruitment.

The vast majority of our clients are in high growth mode or have specialized roles that are not easily supported by their internal teams. Other clients may not even have a talent acquisition team yet based on the size or stage of company growth and need outside recruiting resources. The only thing “typical” about our clients is that they are/desiring a true talent acquisition partner.

+What is your process for recruiting talent?
First, we get to know your business inside and out because that understanding is critical to recruiting success. We view ourselves as an extension of our clients. Once we understand the company, the people, the roles(s), and what’s beyond the job description, the process is driven by your timing, needs, and goals.

We continually build a network of passive candidates -talented professionals who are open to making a move for the right opportunity, and we also work with professionals who are actively ready for new challenges. This is accomplished through organic search and a network we have built over years of recruiting.

We match potential candidates based on your specific needs and assess for both hard and soft skills, cultural alignment with your organization, and other factors important to you. We only present candidates who meet or exceed your specific requirements.

We work closely with candidates throughout the process to ensure a streamlined process with open communication. We are also here to facilitate the interview process, references, and salary negotiations as desired.

+Does ImpactSearch Partners offer retained services in addition to contingency and what is the difference in pricing?
A contingent search means you only pay upon the successful placement of a candidate. In a contingent recruiting model, your recruiter does not always engage in an exclusive relationship with you.

In a retained search, your company pays a portion of the total fee upfront, another portion with a defined time frame, and the final portion upon placement. Additionally, you are giving exclusivity in that search. Retained searches are ideal for niche, rapid speed, or leadership placements.

Additionally, a new model has become very advantageous for both the client and the agency. Contained searches are a hybrid of the retained and contingency and are great for leadership/executive searches, confidential searches, and other specialized recruiting projects with an initial non-refundable deposit (usually 25-30%) of the anticipated fee, and the rest is due upon a successfully completed search.

Reach out to discuss your particular needs and where they may fit best within our pricing model and search process.

+Does ImpactSearch Partner Recruit Globally?
Though ISP has global clients with experience worldwide, we traditionally recruit in North America.

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