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A Letter From Our Co-Founder: Cheers to the Past 25 Years

A Letter From Our Co-Founder: Cheers to the Past 25 Years

Clients, Candidates, and supports of ImpactSearch,

It is with extreme gratitude and love that I write this message.  After 25 years in Tech, with the last 15 at ImpactSearch Partners, I am retiring.

It has been my forever goal to retire at 50 and start the next chapter of my life.  One of my amazing mentors once said, “You spend the first third of your life learning, the next third earning, and the last third returning.”  I am beyond excited to start this third chapter and to give back – to the tech community and to the community as a whole.

When I look back over my 25 years in tech – I still have to laugh at the irony of how it all began.  At the age of 25 yrs., I was sent on an interview by a recruiter for a consulting role with a small software company.  I knew within the first five minutes with the hiring VP that I was NOT a fit and actually got up to walk out to not waste this hiring manager’s time.  The hiring manager agreed that I was not the right fit for his role – but then introduced me to the sales side of their business and so my career in software sales began.  I give full credit to that software company that saw something in me.  Funny to think it was a poor recruiter that gave me my break!

During my time as a Managing Partner at ImpactSearch, I have had the absolute privilege of working with some of the greatest clients.  The journeys have been so fun to watch – clients going IPO, clients being acquired for amazing valuations, and clients growing revenue exponentially.  We have partnered with hundreds of companies and have learned something different from each one.  So grateful for each partnership and so proud that more than 95 percent of our business continues to come from referrals of customers.

I have literally spoken to thousands of candidates from new college grads to C-level executives.  Salespeople, marketing, technical – you name it!   It is amazing what you can learn about someone within the first few minutes of a conversation.  And equally amazing that sometimes you learn more from a new grad than a veteran of the industry!   I will always love helping people live out their work/financial dreams and will always be a matchmaker at heart.  Connecting people to great companies have made my role so rewarding.  We always say that a happy client plus a happy candidate equals a happy recruiter.

And while I will be moving into an Advisory role at ImpactSearch and cannot wait to see what 2023 and beyond will look like for this amazing group that I consider not only my team but my family, I’d be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to reflect on the incredible journey, we’ve had together over the last 15 years.

Our team at ImpactSearch has continued to grow and thrive through the ups and downs of the market.  Our current team is full of the best and the brightest, and each recruiter brings a slightly different skillset and point of view.  Our two newly appointed Managing Directors have made a huge impact and have allowed us to successfully scale and continue to deliver top results for our clients.  Team Impact will have our best year ever in 2022 and feels amazing to be transitioning on such a high.

I cannot say enough about my partnership with Ali and Brian.  It is so rare to find such an amazing balance.  We have complimented each other so well and I know I am a better recruiter, better leader, and overall better person from our 15 years together.  I know they will do amazing things in the years to come as they take ImpactSearch to the next stage of growth and success!

For those of you who have supported me throughout my career, I thank you.  And I hope we will cross paths again soon.



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