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Highlighting the Crucial Work of the Will to Live Foundation

Highlighting the Crucial Work of the Will to Live Foundation

We want to take a moment to spread awareness about a subject that is very important to us – mental health awareness – and an organization we’re supporting that is doing great work to serve those who may be struggling with mental health issues.

Today’s youth are facing some incredibly serious challenges. Mental health problems account for 16% of the global burden of disease and injury in people aged 10-19 years. Globally, depression is the fourth leading cause of death in 15-19-year-olds.

The consequences of not addressing mental health difficulties for adolescents means those problems will likely extend and worsen into adulthood. Those struggling with mental health issues will likely experience drastically limited opportunities to lead fulfilling adult lives. 

That’s why at ImpactSearch we are honored to be working with the Will-To-Live Foundation. Will-To-Live is a a non-profit whose mission is to be a positive and motivational resource for teens, young adults, and their families, in the global fight against teen suicide, depression and the stigma surrounding mental illness in our communities. The organization achieves this mission by:

  • Raising awareness of teen suicide in our communities
  • Increasing education of mental illness like depression and their stigmas 
  • Delivering hope to teens everywhere through their Life Teammates® programs 

ImpactSearch is a sponsor of the Will-To-Live Foundation through donations and support and we couldn’t be prouder of the difference the organization is making to communities throughout the United States. 

“For The Kids, Through The Kids, By The Kids”

The Will-To-Live Foundation follows a motto of “For the Kids, Through the Kids, By The Kids.” Here are among the ways they put their motto into action:

    • The Life Teammates Award & Scholarship – Each winner, a high-school senior in sports, music, theater, band, or cheerleading is presented with a beautiful Life Teammates glass trophy and a $1,000 scholarship to put towards their college tuition for their freshman year! To date, the Will-To-Live Foundation has awarded over $150K in scholarships to over 100 high school seniors elected by their peers. 
  • Nationwide funding of Signs of Suicide®(SOS)A universal, school-based prevention program designed for middle and high school age students. The goals of this program are to eliminate suicide and suicide attempts by increasing student knowledge and encourage personal help-seeking and overall reduce the stigma of mental illness by engaged parents and school staff and encouraging parents and school staffs as partners in prevention. 
  • Getting the message out – The Will-To-Live Foundation remains steadfastly committed to using their Life Teammates message as a positive means for spreading awareness and increasing education while delivering hope to teens. The organization has been awarded the Presidential Point of Light award, and been recognized by CNN, CBS, ABC, Fox Sports and other national media outlets, not to mention schools and universities across the United States. And Will-To-Live Foundation Founder and former Major League Baseball pitcher John Trautwein continues to spread his message of love and hope, having given more than 500 speeches. 

Support the Will-To-Live Foundation

Please consider supporting the Will-To-Life Foundation to help them continue being a positive source for teens and young adults. Thank you!

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