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Is Atlanta the Next Tech Hotspot?

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When hearing about tech hotspots, most people’s minds immediately veer toward Silicon Valley and Seattle. However, experts are well aware that the tech industry’s opportunities go far beyond those mainstream hubs.

For instance, Atlanta has recently emerged as a tech hotspot. From agile startups to eastern expansion offices from larger west coast tech companies, Atlanta is home to many high-tech, high-growth companies, including Fiserv, Secureworks, Mailchimp, and many others. 

Georgia’s capital city is taking the next step in making itself viable for ambitious talent.

In fact, Atlanta ranks as one of the top 10 tech cities in the entire country. 

This blog explores the skyrocketing industry growth throughout the city, taking a close look at what’s projected for the coming years as well as IT hiring trends, tech job opportunities, and ways to recruit top local technology talent. 

Why is Atlanta So Attractive for Tech?

Atlanta’s tech scene’s growing success can be attributed to its tech friendliness and how the city opens itself up to idealistic entrepreneurs. Driving Atlanta’s growth as a tech superpower is its Tech Village. 

As per its own research, the Tech Village – situated in the Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell area – is the 4th largest tech hub in America.

Throughout Atlanta, the following highly reputable educational programs exist to vastly bolster the thriving tech ecosystem:

  • Georgia Tech
  • Emory University
  • Morehouse College

Also, the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) is a catalyst for tech innovation, serving as one of the nation’s premier startup incubators for technology entrepreneurs looking to build successful companies. 

Furthermore, venture market benefits are now plentiful, especially compared to years past when there was minimal available funding. This dramatic shift results from the perfect combination of three favorable factors:

  1. Top-notch talent
  2. Relatively affordable labor costs
  3. Business-forward environment

Digging Deeper into the Atlanta Landscape

There’s plenty of proof supporting Atlanta’s standing as a tech hub. Sizeable bottom lines have been a recurring theme for diverse entrepreneurs with varying backgrounds, races, and ethnicities.

Even as those who’ve flourished branched out, they’ve stayed true to their Atlanta roots through re-investing into their initial stomping grounds. With this money coming back into the community, a flood of jobs have been created. 

In fact, the tech-talent labor pool in Atlanta ranks as the ninth-largest nationally with 146,720 workers. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the city hosts two significant VC conferences per year. First, there’s Venture Atlanta, which plays host to 1,000+ entrepreneurs, investors, leaders, and students.

Also, Pitch Atlanta is an exclusive, invite-only conference that introduces investors and entrepreneurs. 

Most poignant is the outstanding tech companies Atlanta plays home to, such as Rubicon Global, Kabbage, Mailchimp, and OneTrust.

What Types of Tech Jobs Are Trending in Atlanta?

The most in-demand IT talent throughout Atlanta are Software Development Engineers and Java Developers. From there, Solutions Architects and Data Analysts are close behind. 

Atlanta possesses one glaring advantage over the rest of the country for talent looking for work. The cost of living is 4.2% lower than the US’s average and ranks 98th out of 581 cities globally. These roles’ median salary is $91,209, which is almost $3,000 higher than the annual national median.  

It should come as no surprise that top tech talent finds it challenging to resist Atlanta’s lure.

How to Find Top Talent in the Atlanta Tech Ecosystem

The tech-talent labor pool in Atlanta is the ninth largest throughout the US at 146,720 workers.

That’s a plethora of candidates to choose from, with many of them being high-performing, ambitious, dedicated, and intelligent. As an employer, it can be hard to filter through your large mass of candidates to find genuine rock-stars and difference-makers.

The ImpactSearch Partners Difference

Having worked in the Atlanta tech scene for decades recruiting the area’s top talent, we specialize in helping high-tech and high-growth companies find superior sales, marketing, and technology professionals.

If your business is looking for technology experts, result-producing sales teams, or inspiring marketing leaders, you’re in the right place. Let our highly experienced team of recruiters connect your business with the industry’s most cutting-edge talent that can genuinely spark innovation and power growth. Contact us today

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