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Don’t Fall Victim to the Great Regret


The last couple of years has had many candidates considering a career move, as people are re-evaluating what’s important when it comes to their role and where it takes them.

So many made a switch, often in haste, that this time was dubbed The Great Resignation. But what they didn’t anticipate was that this change would lead to The Great Regret.

Recent data has shown that more than 70% of those polled, who had made the leap, are experiencing a hefty dose of regret. Turns out, those pastures weren’t as green as they thought.

If you’re considering a change, there are a few things that can help you make sure the move you’re making is the best one for you. Getting clear on the details that matter before deciding what to do is the best way to avoid regret.

Avoid Comparing Apples to Oranges

It’s easy to look at the details of a new role and think it’s the clear winner. The thing is, not all benefits or compensations are created equally.

A higher financial compensation looks good at a glance, but what’s the tradeoff? The salaried pay may have you working many more hours than before. If you’re currently earning extra pay for overtime worked, the result might actually be less money for your time.

A new role might offer a more competitive employee contribution when it comes to medical benefits, but how good is the new plan? If it’s different from your current one, you might find monthly premiums go down while what you pay out of pocket at the doctor’s office could go up.

Let’s face it: it’s really easy to nitpick when you’re in the comfort zone of a role you’ve become used to, and rose-colored glasses can make it seem like the new company won’t have the same struggles. But the reality is that no role is perfect and this one likely has drawbacks of its own. Setting realistic expectations before making the move is key to avoiding disappointment.

Be a Leader, Not a Follower

We can’t help but wonder if part of what created The Great Resignation was really just a domino effect. That sense of urgency from our peers makes it easy to think we might miss out if we don’t jump on the wagon.

The thing is, if candidates take a moment to breathe and really analyze what’s important to them, often the result is a hesitation that could pay off. Adopting a stance of not being pushed can keep you from feeling that regret.

Another other wise move is to ask yourself, “what’s on the other side of this?” A logical, thoughtful process helps keep you from making sudden moves — ones you can’t undo. Giving yourself time to really consider the full effect of a decision this impactful can help you avoid being drawn into a panic-driven move.

Let Us Be Your Advocate

ImpactSearch Partners believes the greatest way to circumvent The Great Regret is to let us come alongside you and help tailor your journey as you consider making a move in your career.

Because we serve both candidates and clients, we bridge the gap when it comes to communication to make sure each party gets the information needed to make the best choice.. 

Our default position is full transparency, This opens the door to ensuring both parties get the information they need to make the decision that best suits their needs. 

Here’s a peek at a few ways ImpactSearch Partners can guide you on our journey together:

  • Open those lines of communication – whether you’re a candidate or a client looking to hire that next star, let us know what’s important to you. Having that information enables us to help you find the best match possible.
  • Consider us your Quarterback – we’re here to guide both candidates and clients. Giving us your expectations on timeline, and other details, helps us tailor the search so there are no questions or surprises for anyone. (The truth is, we care about making the right connection just about as much as you do!)
  • Remember that no job search is one size fits all – that’s why we go the entire journey with you. We help mitigate expectations and support you so you can easily navigate the road ahead..
  • Interview processes vary as well – that’s why we help prepare each party to be at their best the whole way through.
  • Be patient and thoughtful – no sudden moves, remember? It’s not a race, you know? When we take it step by step, there’s a better chance everybody will be happy.
  • Trust we have your best interest at heart – that’s why we vet — to help you avoid The Great Regret.

Make the Right Move (Even if it’s Staying Put)

The long and short of each new opportunity is this: the final decision is yours.

As long as you take the time to analyze the pros and cons of making a change, we’re confident you won’t regret whatever you decide. 

Even if you decide not to change at all, the opportunity to step into a new role or a new company will always be available when the time is right.

Know what? So will we.


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