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3 Key Marketing Roles for 2021


Technology companies tend to center their focus around the technical aspect of their products. It’s only logical – a product or service needs to optimally function if it’s to have any lasting power on the market.

However, those various nuts and bolts can’t stand on their own. After all, it’s called the “market” for a reason. Tech companies must bolster their innovative product or service ideas with equally insightful and enticing marketing initiatives.

Below is a rundown of the three key marketing roles any tech company committed to growth should fill heading into 2021: 

Marketing Data Analyst


A marketing data analyst identifies critical market statistics and applies their expertise to help steer marketing managers in the right direction. Anyone working in this position must be expertly proficient in quantitative and qualitative market analysis.

How Marketing Data Analysts Help Your Business

Companies require data marketing analysts to illustrate the projected and current impact of marketing campaigns with graphs and models.

Marketing managers and other decision-makers benefit extraordinarily from the predictive modeling and cluster analysis provided by data analysts. This way, pivotal marketing decisions are research-backed.

Lastly, marketing data analysts help your organizations fully grasp what does and doesn’t work with your target audience.

SEO Specialist


Keywords are central to an SEO specialist’s role—but that’s something of an oversimplification.

They must perform research and analysis and leverage what they learn to help their website(s) turn up during relevant search queries on Google and other search engines.

At their best, an SEO specialist can find hyper-specific, non-competitive, yet commonly searched keywords and insert them into websites. There’s also a need to grasp what the algorithms prefer, whether it’s the layout, backlinks, or various metadata.

How SEO Specialists Help Your Business

Consider these two statistics from 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine. In contrast, only 0.78% of Google searchers click on results from the second page.

Tech companies benefit tremendously from someone who can ensure a vast chunk of their target market finds them online.

They’re also responsible for the overall written quality of your website. Once visitors arrive, it’s the sales copy that does the rest of the work. Much of your ability to sell and reach your target market depends on an SEO specialist’s intuitiveness and understanding of consumers’ searching habits and inclinations.

VP of Product Marketing 


Product marketing strategy planning, creating, and implementation are all at the heart of the VP of Product Marketing’s responsibilities. 

These high-performing individuals are central to new product development. They’re also an integral component in your tech company’s big-picture strategy with how they promote products, services, and various other offerings.

How a VP of Product Marketing Helps Your Business

Your VP of product marketing is the person who connects the dots of all the moving promotional parts in the company. They’re spearheading teams and empowering them to execute by giving them direction and conveying a compelling vision.

Moreover, they possess a wealth of wisdom, experience, and industry expertise. This ensures your company creates products that sell and are relevant to consumers.

Finding the Right Marketing Professionals

All of the marketing roles covered in this blog post are pivotal to getting your products or services off the ground once they hit the market. The next step in your journey to marketing success is to identify the candidates who can help take your company to the next phase of growth. 

At ImpactSearch Partners, we specialize in uncovering the nation’s top marketing talent and matching those experts with high-tech and high-growth companies. If you’re interested in learning more about how a recruiting partner like ImpactSearch can jump-start your marketing hiring needs, we’d love to help. Reach out to us today!

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